Disclosure Policy

Nutmeg Nanny is written by me – Brandy Clabaugh.  If at any time content is written by someone else (guest post from other food blogger) this is fully disclosed at the beginning of the article.

How do you pay for your blog?

I mostly pay for my blog out of my own pocket.  I do on occasion accept paid product sponsorships, free products and cash, but all reviews of said products are fully disclosed.

At the current time I do not have ads on my site.

How can I trust your reviews of products if you got them for free?

I will not write a post on a product that I find substandard. If I were to write a good review for a product, that was truly awful, I would risk losing my readers if they bought that product from my review.  And, since my site would be nothing if it was not for my readers, I don’t want to do that.

So…who do you work with?

I work with a lot of different brands and companies.  Sometimes I work with them once and sometimes more than once.  I do however have a few ties with companies that I work with regularly. They are:

SunBird Seasonings – I work with them to help spread the news about their seasoning packets.  I accept monetary and free product compensation for this.

Amazon Associates – I have created a “store” on Amazon where readers can see and purchase some of my favorite products.  I am given a small percentage of the sales from these items.  This is no way affects the price of the item.

What’s the bottom line?

I disclose everything and always give an honest opinion of any products I test or try on Nutmeg Nanny.  Also, I do not guarantee a review of any products until tested. Therefore, if a company wants a commitment for an article before a product will be sent I will not work with them.