Cast Iron Chicken

This cast iron chicken is full of rosemary and lemon flavor and perfect for dinner…

Chicken is one of my go to meals. It almost always pleases the hubby-to-be and can be made in no time. I found this recipe via Pinterest and I’m so very glad I gave it a try! I’m telling you, Pinterest is almost better than cookbook in my kitchen. So many tasty pictures, so little time. 

The crispy skin is probably my favorite part about this meal. Who doesn’t love crispy skin? If you are one of those weird people who refuse to eat skin you are missing out. It’s full of flavor and so crispy….it will knock your socks off!

Also, I made this dish earlier in the day and re-heated it for dinner and it still turned out perfect. No dry chicken in my house! Well, that’s not true. Sometimes there is dry chicken but not this chicken. I promise.

The bottom layer is full of soft potatoes and meaty mushrooms. You could use whole baby red potatoes for a nicer look but all I had were regular sized potatoes and it worked out fine. It’s totally up to you.