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Summertime Tomato Sandwich

This summertime tomato sandwich is packed full of fresh summer tomatoes, creamy mayonnaise, fresh cracked pepper, and a sprinkling of kosher salt.  If there is one thing I love it’s a summer tomato. So fresh, so sweet, and so incredibly perfect. I grew up eating summertime tomato sandwiches for each and every single meal. They …

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Pineapple Agua Fresca

This pineapple agua fresca is the perfect summertime drink. It’s refreshing, easy to make, and is a great non-boozy drink option. Plus, it’s just 3 ingredients! If you’re looking for a refreshing drink for summer I have you covered with this pineapple agua fresca. It’s sweetened lightly with honey and is the perfect non-boozy option …

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Streusel Topped Rhubarb Muffins

These streusel topped rhubarb muffins are the perfect way to start the day. Slightly sweet and tart and topped with a simple brown sugar streusel. You’ll love these muffins! If you’re looking for a simple way to use up rhubarb I have you covered! These simple and delicious streusel topped rhubarb muffins are easy to …

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Baked Ground Chicken Tacos

These baked ground chicken tacos are the most delicious way to use ground chicken. Perfectly flavored ground chicken taco meat stuffed into crispy corn taco shells and topped with cheese, cilantro, onion, and radish. You’ll love this simple crowd pleasing meal! As you know I’m a huge lover of ground chicken. It’s such a delicious …

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Chimichurri Flank Steak

This homemade chimichurri flank steak is flavorful and grilled to perfection! If you’re looking for the perfect summer grilling recipe this marinated flank steak is just what you need! Are you ready for the PERFECT summer grilling recipe? This chimichurri flank steak is packed full off flavor and super easy to make. What is chimichurri …

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Fried Cornmeal Mush Recipe

This fried cornmeal mush recipe is the perfect Midwest breakfast. Delicious firm cornmeal (or you might call it polenta) is lightly fried in butter and drizzled with maple syrup. So incredibly simple and totally delicious.  Have you ever heard of mush? Or what about polenta? Basically, it’s the same thing but where it’s different is in …

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