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First I would like to let everyone know that very soon I will be doing an awesome review of a product from CSN Stores. Never heard of them? Well let me tell you a little something. They sell everything! You could buy a vanity and then turn around and buy a cookie sheet. Talk about one stop shopping!

Now onto these adorable and delicious chocolate bars I was lucky enough to sample. Adeline Rem of the chocolaty website CHOCbite offered to let me try two chocolate bars that I got to design myself! How awesome is that 🙂 Here is what I picked:

Bar One:
– Dark Chocolate
– Mini Marshmallows
– Reese’s Pieces
– Roasted Salted Peanuts
– Peace Sign

Bar Two:
– Milk Chocolate
– Caramel Bits
– Crispy Rice
– Toffee Bits
– Cacao Almonds

Both of the bars were delicious and adorable. I loved that you could add decorative tops. I picked the little peace sign because in my former life I would like to think I was a hippie. Gotta love the “make love not war” mentality :)>-

I think these bars would make a nice personalized gift to anyone who enjoys chocolate. Well, lets face it – who doesn’t love chocolate?*

* I’m sure people who are allergic to chocolate don’t really care for it but I guess you could get them an edible arrangements… 🙂

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    girlichef — June 27, 2010 at 9:19 am

    These are soooo cute! Both of them, but I love the one with the peace sign…I’m a total hippie in this life ;)!! Sounds cool…I’ve been reading about these bars everywhere, but yours are the first I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing!!!

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