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Ice cream overload!

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ice cream collage

This post brought to you by Unilever Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

During the summer I could (if allowed) eat ice cream and popsicles all day long. In fact, if it’s really hot I don’t even like eating. I have been known to eat a few popsicles during the day and call it food. Obviously this is not something that should be done everyday but once in a while it happens.

I was asked to sample some ice cream fro Unilver and I couldn’t turn the offer down. Who is going to say no to free ice cream?

I went to the store to gather six different summertime treats. I’m pretty sure the cashier thought that I either had a house full of kids or I was simply crazy for buying all this ice cream on time.

 photo 5d20da5d-48e8-47b6-aa37-0b59ecd8a0c2_zps2303edc5.jpg

We sampled six different treats:

Fruttare Strawberry and Milk Bars

Double Caramel Mini-Magnum Ice Cream  Bars

Vanilla Beans Breyers Ice Cream

Chocolate Eclair Good Humor Bars

Popsicle Firecracker Popsicles

Klondike Choco Tacos

I LOVED the Fruttare bars because they were creamy and full of fresh fruit. I have also tried the banana fruit and milk bars and they are equally delicious. The thing I like most about these bars is that they are slightly sweet and taste as thought they were homemade.

The double caramel (holy yum!) mini-Magnum bars are the perfect end of the day treat. They are filled with caramel and since they are mini you don’t feel so guilty for indulging in such a decadent treat. I also really liked the creaminess of the ice cream. Often time in ice cream bars the quality is not there.

We also sampled the Breyers vanilla bean ice cream. This totally reminded me of being a kid. I remember the first time my step-mom brought Breyers home. I was totally intrigued by black flecks of vanilla bean. So good! Even better when covered in chocolate sauce.

Next we sampled the Good Humor bars. I had not had one of these in YEARS! My favorite part is the crunchy topping and the smooth (almost whipped cream like) coating over the ice cream. We picked the chocolate eclair flavor but I’m dying to try the toasted almond flavor as well.

My husband laughed at the popsicles I brought home. I can’t help it. I totally love the firecracker popsicles. They are so fun and I love the flavors. I ended up giving the box (after I indulged in one) to my neighbors because they have two boys and I knew they would LOVE them. They totally did!

Last up is the totally fun ChocoTaco. I had almost forgot about these but when I saw them at the store I knew I had to buy them. Seriously could there be anything more delicious? It’s basically a drumstick in taco form. How is that not a good thing?

Are a fan of ice cream? Do you want to win 6 FREE coupons to buy all of these delicious treats yourself? Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite ice cream treat.

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Saturday 27th of July 2013

Homemade Hot Chocolate Ice cream (sounds a bit weird, but I love it so much!) Simple to toss together in the ice cream machine and a staple around here now.


Wednesday 24th of July 2013

The Chocolate Eclair Good Humor Bar brings back great memories and still tastes great.


Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Monday 22nd of July 2013

My favorite ice cream treat is actually Skinny Cow Ice Cream bars, but I also love Klondike bars. Actually, I love all ice cream come to think about it.


Monday 22nd of July 2013

Fudge bombpops! Love the banana with chocolate:-)