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Cranberry Nut Bread by Nutmeg Nanny

Cranberry Nut Bread

This cranberry nut bread is packed full of fresh tart cranberries and crunchy almonds. Eat fresh, toasted or freeze for an easy breakfast. I realize that you may be thinking to yourself “wait…I thought she hated nuts???” Well you are right I still dislike most nuts BUT I don’t mind almonds. So that means officially …

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Maple Pecan Shortbread

These maple pecan shortbread cookies are perfect for fall. Full of maple flavor and pecans all rolled into a butter shortbread cookie. I have only recently started to like the flavor of pecans.  I know it’s weird but I just have never been a fan of nuts.  To this day I still dislike walnuts…yuck!  Luckily …

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Skillet Cinnamon Apples by Nutmeg Nanny

Skillet Cinnamon Apples

Looking for a quick dessert? Look no further! It has been found! I was wandering around my kitchen the other day and wanted something sweet but didn’t want to put a lot of time into the preparation. I saw my cast iron skillet and then a bowl full of apples. Wah Lah! An idea. How …

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Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

A sweet fall honeycrisp apple sangria that combines fresh picked apples, honey, cinnamon and white wine. A beautiful cinnamon sugar rim tops it off. I have often associated sangria with summer. There is just something about that fruity sweet wine mixed with delicious liquor soaked fruit and sings outside summer party. As I stared at …

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Homemade Limoncello {Part Two} by Nutmeg Nanny

Homemade Limoncello {Part Two}

Homemade limoncello is easy and delicious! Back in August I started making limoncello and now it’s finally time to complete step two. I know it seems to take a long time to make this luscious lemon concoction but as the saying goes “good things come to those who wait.” So while yes, you will wait, …

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Coconut Spice Pumpkin Pie by Nutmeg Nanny

Coconut Spice Pumpkin Pie

This sweet coconut spice pumpkin pie is packed full of fresh coconut, pumpkin and spiced flavor. It’s perfect served alone or with a big scoop of ice cream. Coconut and pumpkin = delicious. That is my opinion after making this pie. The pie has the “classic” pumpkin pie spices but is jazzed up with the …

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