Progresso Artisan Soup Review


Progresso Artisan Soup

If you read my last post about my time spent at the New York City Wine & Food Festival you will know I had a blast! I spent my time there thanks to the lovely folks at Progresso.

I was asked to review their newest soups so I’m here to lay it on you! If you live on the east coast be on the look out for these delicious soups. They are sold in tetra packages instead of cans so make sure to look around that soup aisle. 

Masala curry with butternut squash:

The thing I love about this soup is it’s creaminess. I make a lot of homemade butternut squash soup and the thing I love most is the texture. This soup gives me the creamy texture I crave with the just right amount of spice my soul craves in the cold winter months.

Creamy tomato with roasted red pepper:

Again this a creamy soup that won me over right away because of the texture. The flavor is different than your typical tomato soup because of the roasted red pepper addition. It’s reminded me of a soup version of tomato sauce and it went perfect with a crunchy sharp cheddar grilled cheese.

Creamy potato with sausage and kale:

I’m a sucker for soup that contains not only sausage but also potato. Then throw in some kale and you have me sold. It reminds me of the type of soup that you would spend all day simmering on the stove. Except in this case you can have this soup hot and ready in under 10 minutes. You can’t beat that.

Rustic tomato with chicken and dumplings:

At first I was scared I wasn’t going to like this soup. I love tomato soup but I’m used to it only being creamy. Plus chicken and dumplings is it’s own separate meal in my family. I thought the whole dish paired well together but out of all the soup this was my least favorite.

Smoky white bean with winter vegetables:

Now I know none of you have ever been to my dad’s house. But, if you have you would know that bean soup is a household favorite. We grew up eating it at least once a month. This soup totally reminds of my childhood and again ready in under 10 minutes. Hello delicious and simple dinner!


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