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Random Product Love {2}

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Ready for some random product love?

Random Product Love by Nutmeg Nanny

Sooooo back in August I said I was going to start a monthly Random Product Love series. Well I definitely failed at making that monthly BUT I’m here once again! For those of you just joining us this post is mostly made up of Instagram photos so post is much more laid back that usual. For me that is a giant break because setting up and tearing down a shoot is not always my favorite way to spend my time. Also, from time to time some of these products may have been sent to me for free but as always I will disclose that information.

Ok, lets go!

Valentines Day Peeps via Nutmeg Nanny

Valentine’s Day Peeps – $1 up to $6

Ok people I freaking LOVE all these Valentine’s Day Peep candy I was sent. Can we talk about marshmallow overload? I was weary of the flavored marshmallows because I worried it was taste too “fake” but to my surprise they were actually really tasty. I really liked the ones that were coated in chocolate. Hello, who doesn’t like stuff coated in chocolate?

* These Peeps were sent to me for free.

Brownie Brittle via Nutmeg Nanny

Brownie Brittle – about $12 for a large bag

I went to the New York City Wine & Food Festival last year and this treat was in my swag bag. Oh my goodness! Can we talk about how sweet and delicious this stuff tastes? It’s crispy like the edges of of a brownie and has little dots of mini-chocolate morsels. It’s definitely on the sweet side so you don’t have to eat too much to feel satisfied. Trust me folks, this is is a must buy!

*Received in my NYCWF swag bag so I did not pay for them but have bought them since.

Mindy Kaling via Nutmeg Nanny

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) – $6.99 paperback

Can I just talk about how much I love Mindy Kaling. Not only is her show amazing (The Mindy Project) but she seems so relatable. I think if she and I met in real life we could be amazing friends. I know, that makes me sound slightly insane. But seriously, her book is laugh out loud funny and I related to a lot of her stories. I bought her book on Audiobook so I love the fact that it was read by her. I feel like I connect even more to a book when it’s read by the author. Almost like we are having a one-sided conversation.

*Audiobook was purchased with my own money.

Cards Against Humanity via Nutmeg Nanny

Cards Against Humanity – $25 for starter game $10 per expansion pack

Ok, let me start by saying this game is not for everyone. I’m not even kidding when I say if you are easily offended you should just scroll down. I like to think of this game as a peek inside my horrible horrible mind. It says things I have definitely thought before but would never actually say out loud. The first I played this game I thought to myself “I’m so glad there are other horrible people in this world who think like me sometimes.”

*My friend had the game, we played the game, I liked the game.

Lifefactory glass bottle with straw cap via Nutmeg Nanny

Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle with Straw Cap – about $26

I bought this bottle at the beginning of winter hoping it would help me drink more water. I’m one of those freaks who think that by buying a fancy water bottle I will WANT to drink more water. Well, it worked. I drink more water and I LOVE my bottle. I like that it’s glass so I don’t have to worry about funky plastic chemicals leaching into my water and because it’s surrounded by a silicone netting it helps it so it does not break. I dropped my bottle on my hard ceramic tiled floor and not a chip or crack was to be found. Plus you can throw the whole thing right in the dishwasher.

*I bought this bottle with my own hard earned cash.

Babybel Cheese via Nutmeg Nanny

Babybel Cheese

Yeah, I’m a bit of a cheesehead. I used to only find cheese appealing if was melted on top of pizza. Then I grew up and realized cheese is amazing on all thing. Including plain from the block. Well the Babybel cheese sorta rocks my world because it comes in a size that is perfect for a snack. Sometimes if I make a lunch snack tray I might eat 2…or 3…don’t tell. Plus (and I know this makes me sound 5 years old) I really loved un-wrapping it out of it’s wax shell. It makes the food even more fun.

Right now you can enter to win a Ninetendo Wii from babybel! Enter to win

*I was sent a this cheese and other fun goodies from The Laughing Cow for free.

Vermont Creamery Crumbled Goat Cheese via Nutmeg Nanny

Vermont Creamery Crumbled Goat Cheese

I know, more cheese. But this time around it’s goat cheese and that my friends is a whole new ballgame! I will use any excuse I can to put goat cheese on top of something. It’s great on grilled cheese, salads, crackers and even pizza. Since these are already crumbled it makes it even easier to sprinkle on everything. And it’s all natural. So there are no funky chemicals or mold inhibitors throw in. That means each container is just fresh goat cheese and natural mix-ins. By the way the tomato and basil is amazing on pizza!

*Oh happy day I was sent this cheese for free just to test out.

Pappy Van Winkle via Nutmeg Nanny

Bourbon…of all kinds – LOTS OF MONEY

Good lord people. We have quite the bourbon collection going on in our house. In fact we have another new bottle since I took this picture. Oh see that lovely bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. Well we drove to Pennsylvania just to buy it. We are lost bourbon souls. My husband likes to drink it straight but I still prefer to mix it in with a little ginger beer and a dash of barrel aged bitters. Don’t worry, I would never think of mixing the Pappy Van Winkle. I hear that is a giant no-no in the bourbon drinking world. Who knew? {Pictured: Black Dirt, Angels Envy, Pappy Van Winkle, Woodford Reserve, Bulleit Bourbon, Hudson Maple Cask)

*We bought all these goodies with our money.

Ballreich's Potato Chips via Nutmeg Nanny

Ballreich’s Potato Chips – $10 for 2 pounds (less if you buy in Ohio)

Ok, here is the thing. These chips are made in Northwest Ohio and I grew up eating them. To me they were like the everyday Lay’s potato chip. I thought everyone knew what they were until I moved away from Ohio and in fact no one knows them. Apparently they are just a regional delicacy. But trust me when I say they should be popular everywhere. They are rippled, delicious and perfect with French onion dip.

*My dad bought me this box chips because he is awesome.

Harney and sons tea via Nutmeg Nanny

Harney & Sons Tea – $8.99 to $13

I have mentioned Harney & Sons before and it’s mostly because I love them so much I want to tell it to the world. My favorite tea of theirs is the hot cinnamon spice but coming up in a close second in their chocolate mint tea. Both are comforting and perfect for cold winter nights. Is it weird that I find tea comforting? When I drink a mug it feels like the warmth if enveloping me in a giant blanket of cinnamon or mint love. Ok, that was a little deep. But the tea rocks.

*I bought this tea myself because I love how drinking tea makes me feel British.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula via Nutmeg Nanny

OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula – $12 for a set of 3

I’m a bit of a spatula hoarder in my house. I have so many that they now have their very own canister to be stored. However, the thing I love about these good grips spatulas are the fact they are connected at the bottom (read the top won’t come off) and they still have the soft “good grips” handle. I received these as a thank for participating in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap but I definitely be buying more in the future!

*I received this spatulas for free and I love them with my whole heart.

Lucky Charms Marshmallows via Nutmeg Nanny

Lucky Charms Marshmallows (Just the marshmallows!) – anywhere from $5 a pound to $14.99

Yeah, just the marshmallows. Remember when you would eat Lucky Charms and think to yourself “why can’t I just eat a giant bowl of marshmallows?” Well, now you can! Although I’m pretty sure that could lead to a sugar coma. So I suggest maybe just adding a bit more, or using them in some amazing baked good. I’m planning on making some sort of cereal milkshake that will pair quite nicely with these sweet little dehydrated marshmallow pieces of joy.

*I bought these marshmallows myself at Hall’s Garden Gate Farm Market in Clyde Ohio. You should stop by that place is pretty awesome. Plus they have a wine bar…oh yeah!

Sloppy Joe Sweet Potato Cheese Fries
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Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

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Lauren at Keep It Sweet

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

Okay, I am SO ordering those marshmallows... because I obviously need them....


Sunday 2nd of February 2014

As a Vermont Creamery addict...I really think I need to try those goat cheeses!!

Emily @ Life on Food

Friday 31st of January 2014

Oh my look at those marshmallows. I am totally that person that eats all of the marshmallows.

Rachel Cooks

Friday 31st of January 2014

I keep hearing about brownie brittle -- I need to try it asap!

And those marshmallows?! Omg. Gimme. Are you using them in a recipe or just eating them by the handful?