Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia

Learn all about sharing a sweet future with Truvia and their work in Bolivia. They have helped feed over 34,000 school children with meals.

Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia via Nutmeg Nanny
When I first started working with Truvia I knew a little about their work with the World Food Program but not enough to consider myself totally informed. Since then I have started learning more about their work in Bolivia and their commitment to help starving children and struggling families.

I consider myself lucky that I can wake up every morning and know that I have enough money in my wallet and enough food in my house to make 3 solid meals. I do not have to worry about how to feed myself or my family. The thought of children waking up and not knowing if they will get to eat breaks my heart. No one deserves to grow up in a world where they have to worry about whether or not they get to eat that day.

Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia via Nutmeg Nanny

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to hop on a phone call where I was able to speak with the Truvia representative Matthew Jacobs. I learned that Truvia is working to create “long-term partnerships and engaging as a team to improve the communities where stevia is harvested.We also provide support to producers to invest in education, healthcare, farm improvements, and technical assistance to increase yield and quality, thereby increasing income.”

Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia via Nutmeg Nanny

This means Truvia has helped by providing “34,705 schoolchildren with school meals and built 68 fuel-efficient stoves, which allowed 3,574 students to eat cleaner cooked meals in a safer environment. The cleaner-burning stoves improve the health and safety of hundreds of mothers who cook at the schools. By September of 2014, the Truvia business will have provided school meals for 40,000 students, and another 70 new fuel-efficient stoves.”

Working together with a company who brings so much happiness to a region that was struggling before makes me happy. While many readers may not use Truvia I hope by reading this you can understand why I picked to work along side with such a wonderful company.

Want to know how you can help? By donating just $1 you can help feed four children! Donate Now

Also, help Truvia create a sweet future by voting for which organization they should support next year – Vote Now

Disclosure: I work closely with Truvia and receive compensation for creating recipes with their products and sharing news about their company. All thoughts and 100% my own.

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