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Sharing a Sweet Future

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You might have noticed that I have been working with Truvia for the past 3 years. Usually, I share simple recipes using the product and we leave it at that. But, today I’m here to talk about something a little more important.

Back in 2012 Truvia started a “Sharing a Sweet Future” campaign that was a partnership between Truvia and the United Nations World Food Programme. Its goal is to help combat childhood hunger in Bolivia. Sadly 65% of all rural households in Bolivia are unable to afford the minimum caloric intake of food. Can you imagine what it must be like to live a life where feeling hungry is just a way of life?

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As a result of this partnership, nearly 1 million contributions from Truvia has been used to help reduce childhood hunger in Bolivia! Sharing a Sweet Future has always helped to import communities by providing education on safer cooking conditions (they helped purchase and install energy-efficient, cleaner-burning cookstoves) and by providing oil fortified with vitamin A and micronutrient powders.

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“Before, no institution came to our area to assist us in the school infrastructure, but now through MAECH-PMA we have been able to improve the kitchen by constructing an energy-efficient stove which, on the one hand has eliminated the smoke and so the mothers do not complain anymore about this and on the second, it has reduced the quantity of firewood needed for cooking of the school meals.” Rene Flores, Principal of the Pisili School of the Education Nucleus of San José del Paredón in the Municipality of Tarabuco

These children’s lives are being changed each and every day by this partnership and just another reason that I love working for Truiva!

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