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Radish and Butter Bites

These delicious radish and butter bites are a perfect summer appetizer or a delicious light summertime lunch or dinner. Salty butter, spicy radishes, crusty French bread and flaky sea salt – what’s not to love? 

I have talked before about how my parents had a garden. The majority of what grew in the garden I would happily eat all summer long. In fact, most of our meals came from our garden and from the meat that my father would butcher through the winter. He was an avid hunter and almost every single winter he would get at least one deer. I would of course help my dad clean the deer and together we would turn it into delicious hamburger, sausage and jerky. Apologies to any vegetarians reading this post. It might make you happy to know nothing went to waste and we used everything.

There was no such thing as trophy hunting in my family. If you shot it, you ate it.

Simple rules = simple life.

I realize that first paragraph sorta made me sound like I grew up on Walton’s Mountain {Oh jeez…I literally just made mention of The Walton’s on my blog. My dad will be happy} but really I just grew up in Ohio. I lived in a nice town that had plenty of stop lights and zero country bumpkins walking around.

Ok, lets bring this back to radishes. My dad always planted plenty of radishes since he enjoyed eating them raw. He would sit there and munch on them like they were tiny little apples. Crunching away until his giant bowl was finished.

Me? Hated them. In fact, I thought they were the worst vegetable of all time.

Obviously I was a super dramatic kid. Would you assume otherwise?

One day my dad went out to the garden and picked a whole bunch of radishes. He brought them into the house and gave me the lovely job of cleaning them up and cutting off the tops and preparing them for the fridge. So I got to cleaning and cutting and finally I was left with a sink full of radish tops.

Here is the thing about radish tops. They are tough, fibrous and don’t really do so well in the garbage disposal. Had I listened to my father when he said “don’t put them down the disposal, take them out the compost pile” I would have known what was about to happen when I tried to shove all of them down the overworked disposal. Soon the sink started to fill with gross half chewed up radish tops and I couldn’t get it to drain. I was petrified of actually sticking my hand down into the disposal {for fear it would randomly turn on and all my fingers would be lost} so instead I stood there panicking and crying.

My dad finally came back into the kitchen only to find me standing in front of a green sludge filled sink with a look of terror in my eyes. I would love to say he laughed and fixed the problem but really he was pissed {rightly so I should add} and fixed my mistake. He then let me know that I should have just listened to him and none of this would have happened.

Well, yeah. Obviously. But seriously what kind of kid would I have been if I listened?

So fast forward to a few weeks ago and I was hanging out in Maine with Gina, Rebecca and Carrie. We somehow got onto the subject of radishes and I mentioned my not fond memories or love for radishes. Rebecca let me know that I had to try them with salted butter on bread with a sprinkling of sea salt.

As soon as I got back home and I decide that I was going to give them a try. I busted out my most favorite butter, got to slathering, and started slicing my radishes. After I arranged my radishes overtop the buttered bread, I sprinkled them with sea salt and a little pinch of chopped parsley.

Here is the thing. Rebecca is right. Radishes with butter, bread and salt totally rock my world. It was the perfect balance of flavors and a great excuse to eat numerous slices of buttered bread. Also, if you come to my house for a dinner party I will be serving this as an appetizer. Soooooo I hope you love radishes. But if you don’t, don’t worry. This dish will change your mind.

Radish and Butter Bites

These delicious radish and butter bites are a perfect summer appetizer or a delicious light summertime lunch or dinner.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 1 bunch radishes
  • 1 French baguette
  • 1 stick salted butter
  • Sea salt
  • Chopped parsley, optional


Clean radishes by removing the leafy top and cutting of a little at the top and bottom of the radish.

Slice them thin and set aside. If you have a mandolin feel free to bust that baby out. Just please be careful because those things always freak me out. I'm always afraid someone will lose a finger.

Cut your baguette into 1 inch slices and slather one side with salted butter. This is a time to be generous with the butter.

Lay a few radishes overtop the buttered bread (3-4 slices per slice) and sprinkle each slice with a little sea salt.

If desired jazz it up by sprinkling with parsley as well.

Serve immediately.

Note: When you sprinkle the salt onto the radish it will naturally start to draw the water out of the radish. So I would suggest either sprinkling them and serving immediately or putting together the appetizer and leaving the salt on the table. Then people may sprinkle as they pick up a slice.