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Goat butter

Blueberry Goat Blueberry Goat Milk Scones Recipe by Nutmeg NannyMilk Scones by Nutmeg Nanny

Blueberry Goat Milk Scones

These blueberry goat milk scones are perfect for Mother’s Day! Plus they are a great excuse to buy a jar of clotted cream and eat it all in one sitting… I have had a major love for goats butter ever since I made goat butter biscuits. If you have never had goat butter it’s salty, …

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Goat Butter Biscuits

These goat butter biscuits are packed full of rich goat’s butter and only uses 3 ingredients! Easily throw together, bake and enjoy! You’ll love these biscuits! Bear with me as I go off topic for a bit. This week we finally decided to cut cable. This has resulted in a lot of Netflix, Amazon Prime …

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