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Product Love by Nutmeg Nanny

Random Product Love {1}

A collection of all my favorite things. This random product love lets you in on what I use and love. I’m going to be starting a few new small series on Nutmeg Nanny. These series are going to help me share more about myself and my life. A good percentage of you mentioned in the …

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Mango Margarita Boozesicle

This delicious mango margarita boozesicle takes your favorite cocktail and turn it into a boozy summertime treat. Hello boozesicles! Today is the kick off to Frozen Treat Week! I’m so excited to be planning this event with Katie and to have so many lovely bloggers joining in on the fun. To start the week I’m bringing …

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Frangelico Colada

This frangelico colada is a lot like your typical pina colada but with a hit of hazelnut flavored Frangelico. Totally delicious and perfect for sipping! Well, the time has come. We are finally at the end of The Boozy Days of Summer. The past two weeks were full of roasted fruit, bitters, herbs, infused vodka …

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Applejack Raspberry Lemonade

This applejack raspberry lemonade is the perfect sweet cocktail treat. Full of applejack, lemonade, fresh raspberries and fresh mint. Say hello to your new favorite sipper! Here is something about me that will probably make you think “wow…people can do that?” I went to nanny school. A full on, lived in a dorm, had class …

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Bourbon and Grapefruit Shrub

This bourbon and grapefruit shrub is perfect for shrub lovers. Full of grapefruit flavor, bourbon and tea. Hello summertime sipper! You’ll love this! It wasn’t until this year that I finally tasted a shrub cocktail. I know they are pretty popular and they can easily be made from home. In fact there was a great …

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Sunrise Gin and Juice

This sunrise gin and juice cocktail is just what your morning needs! Full of orange juice, gin and a splash of grenadine. It’s going to be your new brunch favorite! I’m a sucker for a morning cocktail. Now before you are start setting up an intervention I should clarify that I like one {ok maybe …

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Cherry Moonshine Summer Cocktail

This cherry moonshine summer cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate lazy summer days. It packs a punch by using moonshine cherries, mint, lemon and bubbly seltzer water. You’ll love refreshing this cocktail tastes and you’ll want to make it all summer long! This summer is really starting to get tasty! All of these drinks and …

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Dark and Stormy

This classic dark and stormy is the perfect summertime cocktail. Packed full of dark rum, lime, lime bitters and super spicy ginger beer. It’s refreshing and tropical all at the same time. Don’t skimp on getting yourself a good bottle of ginger beer – totally worth it!  Dear black rum, where have you been all …

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