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Espresso powder

Espresso Dark Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting

This espresso dark chocolate mascarpone frosting is the perfect addition to your favorite chocolate cake, brownies or even cookies. Super rich and fudgy with the perfect hint of espresso flavor. If you’re looking for your new favorite frosting you need to give this recipe a try! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Ok, in reality, I’m not really …

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Chocolate Strawberry Baked Donuts

These baked chocolate donuts are studded with fresh strawberries, chocolate chips and topped with a homemade strawberry glaze. Trust me, if you love donuts you’re going to go crazy over these chocolate strawberry baked donuts!  Donuts are basically the best thing on planet earth. I know there are a lot of people who disagree with …

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Toasted Coconut Espresso Pancakes

These toasted coconut espresso pancakes are lightly sweetened, filled with toasted coconut and topped with fresh berries and Truvia nectar. So simple to make and packed full of espresso flavor.  This post is sponsored by Truvia. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Now that I’m eating breakfast I’m in LOVE with …

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Gingerbread Crepes with Ginger Cranberry Compote

These gingerbread crepes with ginger cranberry compote are the perfect winter dessert. Full of fluffy vanilla mascarpone filling and ready in under an hour! Until this summer when I made buckwheat crepes with strawberry rhubarb compote I had never made crepes. I always thought they would be super complicated to make and they wouldn’t be worth the …

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Stout Cupcakes with Whiskey Buttercream

These stout cupcakes with whiskey buttercream are fluffy, moist and full of boozy flavor. They are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but are delicious all year long… Every other week I have a love affair with a different type of food or drink. This week? Jameson. Good lord I cannot get enough. My husband and …

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Espresso Angel Food Cake French Toast

This espresso angel food cake french toast is the perfect breakfast pick me up. Sweet cake dipped in espresso milk and drizzled with chocolate sauce. So delicious and so easy to make! I have a love hate relationship with breakfast. If I’m not the one cooking breakfast I LOVE it. When I’m home alone in the …

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