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Thin and Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Where are where have I been? I wish I could say I was off doing something adventurous that lead to my lack of posting, but sadly I was just plain lazy. I guess we all get that way don’t we? We would just rather sit home and do nothing then actually muster up the energy to do something productive. I have always dreamed of being one of those people who have tons of energy. You know those people. The ones who keep their house spotless, run miles each day and look perfect while their doing it? I instead am one of those people who hate when I leave something upstairs because that means I have to go back up there. I literally look at the steps with disdain because I’m forced to go back up them. Now I realize I have probably made myself sound like the laziest person in the world but seriously I can’t be the only one that feels like that…right?
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So since I’m lazy I’m posting something I had in the “in case I get sick or I’m on vacation I should have some food made so I post something on my blog” file. It’s another cookie for my Kooky Cooky Challenge which means I have officially made 3 out of 175 recipes in the Martha Stewart’s Cookies cookbook. Only 172 more to go!!! So while I sit here and drink my Longboard Island Lager (delicious beer you definitely need to check it out) you should all get busy making these delicious cookies. They are true to their name. Thin and crispy, but with just the right amount of chewiness in the center. It must have something to do with the insane amount of butter in the recipe. Not that I’m complaining, butter is my friend. Although my ass may argue with that last statement 🙂
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I’m including the link to Martha Stewart’s webpage which is where you can find the recipe. Although I did notice one difference. In the book it calls for 1/4 C. water and on the webpage it does not. I used the water and I thought the recipe turned out well. I guess it’s a personal call on whether or not you want to use it. I also didn’t have any chocolate chips (which I found out in the middle of making the cookies) so I chopped up some semi sweet Callebaut chocolate which worked fantastically. Enjoy!!!

Source: Martha Stewart


Saturday 22nd of August 2009

Isn't there a law against posting really, insanely good looking chocolate chip cookies and milk? I mean unless we have some on hand to eat while reading...


Saturday 22nd of August 2009

thin and crisps cookies are the best!1 yers sound delish and m sure itll taste heavenly with milk. my kids gonna love this. they are cookie addicts :) cheers and have a great weekend!


Friday 21st of August 2009

Nope, you're not the only one who feels that way. I have those days that are full of good intentions to be productive, but nothing gets done...

These cookies look tasty!


Wednesday 19th of August 2009

Cookies cookies!! They look so good to be dunked in the milk!

Blond Duck

Wednesday 19th of August 2009

I used to be a honey and butter gal with biscuits, but lately I've become a grape jelly and butter gal. No idea why.