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  • Boozy Caramel Apple Butter Milkshake

    This boozy caramel apple butter milkshake is the perfect adult dessert to enjoy all year round. Full of vanilla bean ice cream, apple butter, spiced rum, and just a touch of delicious caramel. You’ll love this sweet treat! This post is sponsored by Musselman’s. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. It’s …

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    Vanilla Peach Bourbon Milkshake

    This vanilla peach bourbon milkshake is the perfect boozy summertime frozen treat. Vanilla bean paste mixed with fresh peaches, bourbon and vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect cocktail + dessert! Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nielsen-Massey. As always all opinions and nonsensical ramblings are 100% my own. This post also includes affiliate links. Want …

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    Strawberry Creme Fraiche Milkshake

    This strawberry creme fraiche milkshake with balsamic vinegar drizzle is the perfect summer treat. Perfectly chilled and great for summer porch sipping. Fresh vine ripe strawberries are of the pure pleasures of summer. Who cares if they are tiny  and take forever to pick – they are tasty! I would gladly eat fresh picked tiny …

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