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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for all the people in your life!

Ok, I know I’m totally getting this out late BUT there is still time for you last minute shoppers. Which is how I roll every. single. holiday. So, let’s get this party started!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for all the people in your life!

FIRST I want to talk about gift giving. You have SO many options BUT one of my favorite options are gifts from World Vision catalog. World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization. They partner with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. They sent me a box full of some of the products they sell and they are amazing. Ordering anything from their gift catalog (for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries!) are such a great idea. I was lucky enough to receive the Vietnamese silk scarf, organic blend coffee, Tree of Life Votive Holder, Turquoise Medallion Necklace, Upcycled Artisanal Bowl and the Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet.

For the foodie:

Vanilla Bean Paste: I use vanilla bean paste all. the. time. so it’s time you go out and get yourself some! It’s like vanilla extract but a trillion times more delicious. Plus it adds delicious little black specks in your desserts and who doesn’t love that?

OXO Pepper Mill: I know it’s weird to talk about pepper mills but I LOVE this pepper mill. You can easily refill the mill, select the grind from course to fine and it’s not overly large. It mills like a champ and looks pretty all at the same time.

For the cat lover:

Ummmm aren’t all people cat lovers? I’m not going to do a gift guide on this site and not include a few cat gifts.

Cat Mug: First up a mug – cats and mugs are just adorable and totally go together.

Cat coloring book: Second, I know a lot of people think coloring is for children but I’m totally on board with coloring. So cats + coloring = ahhhhhmazing!

For the outdoor lover:

Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots: I actually love being outdoors but I’m a bit of a n00b when it comes to being outdoorsy. While in Chile we hiked A LOT! I was so happy I picked up a pair of hiking boots because they were 100% necessary. I LOVED these Merrell boots not only because they were comfy but because they were waterproof too. While I wouldn’t go walking through rivers or anything they stayed nice and dry when I was trying to take a cute picture of my feet by the ocean and big fat wave come crashing in.

Smartwool PhD Socks: I also picked up a few pairs of Smartwool PhD socks that are the bomb diggity. They are wool so they stay dry and they have extra cushion in the heel and toe area. A little more expensive than regular socks but worth it if you’re gonna be out and about all day hiking those trails.

For the traveler:

The North Face Surge Daypack: I just got back from Chile and bought two new bags to take with me. First was this backpack that is not only great for hiking or traveling it’s great for commuting too. It has fleece lined pockets and can hold up to a 15-inch laptop.

TravelPro Crew 10: The suitcase I used was a TravelPro and I LOVE IT sooooooo freaking much. The wheels roll like buttah and can hold a TON in just a carry on size. I have my husband to thank for picking out the bag because he watched hours of luggage reviews to find just the right bag. It’s 100% worth it!

For the appliance lover:

Instant Pot: I bought my Instant Pot in July and LOVE it! I can make huge batches of dried beans, easy dinners and even yogurt! I was apprehensive about getting another appliance but I personally think this baby is totally worth it.

Breville Milk Frother: I’ve told you before how my husband loves figuring out the best of the best and he found this milk frother. Things I love about it – easy to use and the top comes off for easy cleaning so you don’t have to worry about water mixing with electronics. Which weirdly I noticed with a lot of milk frothers. They are one single unit so it makes cleaning harder.

Vitamix 750 Professional Series: I use this baby for errrrrrrything! I’ve made soups, smoothies, pesto, hot chocolate and cocktails. You guys. If you don’t own a Vitamix go buy one RIGHT NOW!

For the baker:

Non-stick Baking Sheet with Cooling Grid: I have used this exact set of pans for YEARS and they have held up amazingly. Plus I love that it comes with a cooling grid that I use all the time.

Silpat liners: Listen, I like parchment paper but Silpat liners are where it’s at. Just don’t cut on those bad boys or you will cut it. I have learned that little tip from experience.

For the game lover:

Carcassonne: I’m going old school with the games! My husband and I are huge board game geeks and these are two of our favorite games. This game is THE BEST! It’s easy to play, easy to learn but isn’t frustrating or take forever like some board games *cough* Monopoly *cough* Oh, and this game has pieces called “meeples” and who wouldn’t like to go around saying “meeples” all night?

Ticket to Ride: My husband and I LOVE bringing this game to parties. Everyone always has such a great time PLUS who doesn’t love a game based on the premises of train routes and trying to block your opponents route – right? Ok, I did a horrible job of trying to sell you on that game but just get it. It’s awesome!

Cards Against Humanity: If you’re crass, don’t get easily offended and think you’re a horrible human being this game is 100% for you!

For the tech lover:

I’m not a huge “OMG I need the new tech stuff RIGHT NOW!” (new tech stuff? who says that?) But I’m totally digging these two things I got this year.

Bose QuiteComfort 35 Wireless Headphones: First – I bought the iPhone 7 Plus and really wanted some new Bluetooth headphones. These Bose ones are fabulous! They don’t hurt my ears, they have excellent sound clarity, hold their charge and come with a cord so if you’re on a super long haul flight you can conserve your battery even more. Also, this is the first time I bought a Plus phone so it’s a bit bigger than what I was used too (that’s what she said!) so I got a

Popsocket: Also, this is the first time I bought a Plus phone so it’s a bit bigger than what I was used too (that’s what she said!) so I got a Popsocket to help hold my phone. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

For the bubbly water lover:

Soda Stream: Ok, to be fair that might just be me BUT seriously bubbly water is THE BEST! I lovelovelove my Soda Stream and I’ve had mine for over 5 years. Plus they have fabulous customer service!

Soda Stream Canisters: Even though the canisters are swapped out once they are empty I like to have a few full tanks because I hate even the idea of running out of gas and not having a backup.

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