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2018 Self Care Gift Guide

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This self care gift guide is the perfect “treat yo self” list of goodies. We all need to take care of ourselves so this is a great gift list that covers everything from beauty products to journaling. Taking care of others can be rewarding but it’s just as important to take care of yourself. 

2018 Self Care Gift Guide from Nutmeg Nanny: all the gifts you need to TREAT YO SELF! Everything from beauty to journaling - we have you covered!

I wanted to make this gift guide because I think it’s super important to also think of yourself when it comes to gift giving. So many times we give and give without thinking about we need. Self care is super important and this a fantastic list that gives you lots of good ideas for items you might love.

This self care gift guide brings you everything from facial serums, to foot cream, to journals, to the perfect toothbrush. A lot of the items are just little things that can make you feel better or pampered but still fun. 

On a personal note, when I’m feeling overly anxious or depressed taking care of myself goes to the bottom of the list. I try to keep goodies on hand to help remind myself that it’s ok to pamper myself and that it’s important to always take care of myself.

Self care is self love!

  1. Silicone Face Mask Brush: I LOVE doing face masks and using these silicone brushes keeps my hands clean and helps spread the mask like buttah – $5
  2. Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub: I’m OBSESSED with this coffee scrub. My best friend brought it to Paris and I used it every day. When I got home I immediately bought the scrub and the coffee mask. Not only does it smell awesome but it’s gentle enough to be used every day – $28
  3. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: My lips are dry almost year-round or anytime I travel somewhere where the altitude is high. This lip mask is my goto moisturizer. It comes in a squeeze bottle so I can easily share with friends and it smells lovely! – $30
  4. Classic Notebook Journal: Do you love writing down your thoughts? Are you into bullet journaling? These cute and colorful notebooks are some of my favorites. They are the perfect size for all of the above! – $10
  5. Top 6 Essential Oils: Essential oils are still all the rage and how you use them is up to you. I love to diffuse them but I have friends who love making blends to wear. This simple starter pack gives you some of the top scents that are perfect for all your needs. – $16
  6. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap: I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s for years and love how clean I feel after using it. Their peppermint and eucalyptus are my 2 favorite scents. Plus, you can use it for so much more than just a body wash. It can be used as a shampoo, household cleaner, laundry detergent and so much more! – $16
  7. The Universe Has Your Back Journal by Gabrielle Bernstein: If you’re into journaling but want something more than just a plain notepad this journal is for you! My best friend actually recommended I add this to the self-care gift guide because she loves it so much. It’s a great book for jotting down your thoughts, dreams, and feelings – $12
  8. Black Sugar Strawberry Mask: Do you love strawberries? Well, now you can smother your face in them! This mask is one of my favorites and legit smells so good I want to eat it. It’s gentle, works well and leaves your face feeling soft and not dried out. – $17
  9. Silk Sleep Mask: Do you love sleeping? Do you have issues with sleeping? Any of the above? A good eye mask can help block out light and signal your body it’s time to go to bed. We all know we should stop screen time an hour before bed but rarely do we follow that advice. A sleep mask is a cheap way of making sure you get the darkness you need to sleep peacefully – $9
  10. Epsom Salt: If your muscles are feeling tired and sore you need some Epsom salt in your life! Draw a hot bath, pour in salt and soak that pain away! – $9
  11. Blackhead Blemish Extractor: Ok, I realize this might be gross but just hear me out. If you’re obsessed with picking at your face get one of these. They are much less harsh on your skin vs. picking and they’re sorta fun to use. – $7
  12. Rosehip oil: In the winter my face gets SO DRY near my nose and mouth. This oil will help bring even more moisture to your skin without looking greasy. It also makes your skin super soft so that is a huge plus too. I like to use a teeny amount in the morning with my facial sunscreen – $13
  13. Indian Healing Clay Face & Body Mask: Ok, for a long time I refused to buy this because I hated the packaging. I know, that sounds ridiculous but I’m a sucker for cute packaging. The good news is that I got over myself and bought this mask. It’s so good! I love using it on my face and my whole body. It’s gentle, affordable, and perfect for weekly use. – $11
  14. Rose Water Toner: This is pure rosewater and it’s perfect for your skin. It’s lightly scented like rose (naturally, of course) and comes in a glass bottle with a spray head. I use it in the morning and at night. It’s very gentle and will not dry out your skin. – $14
  15. Sonicare Toothbrush: I used to think rechargeable toothbrushes seemed like the biggest waste of money until I finally got one. 100% worth it! When I’m depressed I often give up going to the doctor or dentist so I know having a good toothbrush can matter! – $35
  16. Natural Toothpaste: I have nothing against commercial toothpaste except that I have very sensitive teeth and most whitening toothpaste is too harsh for my teeth. I end up in pain after a day or two of using whitening toothpaste. I love this natural toothpaste because it does help whiten without hurting my teeth. It’s a bit more costly than traditional toothpaste but it’s all about that self-care! – $10
  17. Cat Ear Headband: When I’m washing my face or doing a face mask I hate when my hair gets in the way. Since I’m a crazy cat lady I had to get this headband. It’s soft, cute and washes beautifully. – $13
  18. Microplane Pedicure Rasp: Do you have dry feet? What about calluses? This microplane is basically a cheese grater for your feet. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s awesome. I have such dry feet this works awesomely! Plus, it’s a great way to stay on top of your calluses in between pedicures – $9
  19. Exfoliating Shower Gloves: I use these daily in the shower and it helps a TON with my dry winter skin. Plus, if you’re a waxer it’s great for a boost of daily exfoliating which is always needed with waxed skin. – $13
  20. Bastide Perfume: Every since Julie showed me this perfume I could not get it out of my head. The two scents I love the most is the Rose Olivier and the Figue Amour. I never thought I would be one to like a rose scented perfume but this scent is a modern ladies rose. Oh, and the Figue Amour is musky and sweet perfection. – $130
  21. You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jenn Sincero: If you’re one of those people who doubts everything they do and thinks you’ll need to read (or listen!) to this book ASAP! It’s not your typical “self-help” books where it just tells you to love yourself. I mean, it does tell you to love yourself but with a side of sarcasm and a few real-life truth bombs – $10
  22. Decorative Essential Oil Diffuser: Diffusing oils is a great way to reduce stress and make your house smell awesome in the process. I really like this diffuser because it’s a bit more decorative than the traditional diffuser. One thing I like to note: if you have pets make sure you’re diffusing oils that are animal safe. – $40
  23. Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Over the past year I have been working on my caring for deeply for my skin. That is where this awesome serum comes in. Don’t worry – just because it says “acid” it’s not going to burn your face. Hyaluronic acid helps bring moisture to your skin keeping it soft, bright and hydrated. I like to use it at night with my retinol cream – $15
  24. Turbie Twist Microfiber Towels: First world issues that bother me – getting out of the shower, wrapping my hair up in a big fluffy towel and then having to battle with the towel because it keeps wanting to fall off my head. This simple towel keeps my hair twisted tight and helps it to dry faster. – $22 (pack of 4)
  25. Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are by Aimme Chase: If you’re trying to get into meditation or just looking for a way to be more mindful this journal is a great option. – $7
  26. Pointed Tweezers: I’m really picky when it comes to tweezers and I SWEAR by these sharply pointed beasts. Now, they are super sharp so no jerking around them or you literally might lose an eye. They are also great for getting out splinters and if you’re a hiker they are great for removing ticks. – $10
  27. Weighted Blanket: Now, I know this might not be the thing for everyone but weighted blankets can be a major life improvement if you suffer from sleep issues, anxiety, or PTSD. It’s often advertised for kids who suffer from ADHD or Autism but it’s perfect for adults too. It helps sooth the body and can create a sense of comfort. Not everyone loves the feel of weight on them BUT I personally find it super comforting. – $100
  28. Makeup Remover Face Cloths: If you’re looking for a way to cut back on plastic and trash this makeup remover cloth is your friend! It can take off all your makeup with just water. Plus, it’s washable and you don’t have to worry about staining your night washcloths. – $12
  29. Softening Foot Cream: Listen, I know I put a lot of lotions/serums on this list but taking care of your skin is important. This is my favorite foot cream. It’s thick, creamy and actually works. I have always had horribly dry feet (even to the point where my heels would crack and bleed) and this helps keeps them in check. I also get eczema on my feet and this helps with flare-ups when I remember to do it daily. – $10
  30. Retinol Moisturizer Cream: I’ve been using this cream for a few years and it works really well and it’s a steal in the price department! Retinol can be drying so I use it at night with my hyaluronic acid serum. Also, retinol can make your skin sensitive to the sun so I like to use it at night. – $19

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