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Happy Father’s Day

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Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I know I’m a couple days early but I’m sure you don’t mind the early post.

Sorry I can’t make it to Ohio this year. I’m stuck in New York once again. Since I can’t be with you I “made” a little photo collage of us together. Since this is my blog I’m also sharing it with all of my readers. Don’t worry. I picked only flattering pictures of you.  Also I realized you don’t smile a lot….you should try that more Smile

Since I can’t cook you a meal this weekend I will owe you a meal when I come home this summer. Anything your heart desires. Except fish. You know I don’t touch that stuff….even Lake Erie perch. I don’t care how delicious you try to tell me it tastes…

Love You!




I’m wearing an amazing denim fanny pack in the picture on the left. Don’t be jealous.

This mixed greens with crispy bacon, goat cheese and fried egg salad is the BEST of everything. You'll love how all the flavors work together and how hearty this salad tastes. Everything is better with a fried egg, am I right?
Mixed Green Salad with Bacon, Goat Cheese and Fried Egg
Sautéed Japanese Turnips and Komatsuna