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Life Through My Lens {1}

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Life through my lens…via Instagram…

Life Through My Lens by Nutmeg Nanny

So I’m adding a small little series to the blog – Life Through my Lens. It’s nothing special just a little glimpse into my life via my Instagram. Don’t worry, you’re still getting lots of tasty recipes every week 😉 When I did my reader survey over the summer you asked to learn a little more about my life so here you go! Since it’s just starting I’m sharing just a few photos from last year and a few from this year. I hope you enjoy!

Stadium Series {Nutmeg Nanny}

At the end at January my husband and I went to the Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. Talk about cold! We both froze our butts off but I had an amazing time. I know that hockey is a cold weather sport but I’m not a huge fan of watching it outside…so cold!

Sunset in Croton-on-Hudson {Nutmeg Nanny}

I took this picture one night when I was in Croton-on-Hudson. I stood there and just looked at this amazing sunset. The Hudson river was so calm. I sound like a total cheese ball right now.

The People's Court {Nutmeg Nanny}

Soooooooo a few months ago I made Gina go to The People’s Court with me and my husband. They are such troopers when it comes to me and my love for court TV. I have been watching The People’s Court since I was a kid and cannot get enough of that show. I even DVR the show each and every day. Yes, I’m a total weirdo.

Poughkeepsie Rail Trail {Nutmeg Nanny}

Last fall my husband and I went for a walk on the Dutchess Rail Trail. I was all “Oh look a swan! I’m totally Instagraming this picture.”

New Year's Eve {Nutmeg Nanny}

New Years Eve with my best friends. This is also the night I introduced to them to awesomeness of gin. Seriously, I feel like most people really need to jump on the gin train. It’s amazing. I have such a way with words…

Maple Leaf {Nutmeg Nanny}

I’m no botanist but I’m pretty sure this a maple leaf. Plus it’s pretty…aye?

Beautiful Bride on Wedding Day {Nutmeg Nanny}

Over the summer my brother got married. I was able to snap this picture of my now SIL while she was waiting to walk down the aisle. Seriously she was so beautiful.

Hot Air Balloons {Nutmeg Nanny}

Over the summer we went to the hot air balloon launch along the Hudson river. It was so awesome. I would never get into one of those things (balloons filled with fire that go into the sky…ummm no) but cool nonetheless.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Tour {Nutmeg Nanny}

In October I went to Kentucky with Buick and was able to go to Woodford Reserve for a bourbon tour. Not only was the distillery gorgeous it was filled with bourbon…oh yeah!

Wedding Bridesmaid {Nutmeg Nanny}

It’s me! But really I just wanted to show off this cool headband my SIL made. I sorta love it…

Pomegranate Pistachio Ginger Bark | Nutmeg Nanny
Pomegranate Pistachio Ginger Bark
Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Cornish Hens by Nutmeg Nanny
Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Cornish Hens

Brandie (@ Home Cooking Memories)

Tuesday 25th of February 2014

I loved the peek at your life! You are adorable + I loved that maple leaf and the photos of you SIL.


Friday 21st of February 2014

Nice to see a another gin lover. What's you Favorite brand ..?. You tried the organic gins. . ? They are worth a sip !


Friday 21st of February 2014

My top favorite is Magellan gin. It's so tasty!


Sunday 9th of February 2014

Okay that photo of your SIL that you took is just GORGEOUS. I mean, really. Maybe it's just because I'm in total wedding mode, but I'm SO enamored!


Saturday 8th of February 2014

I'm so excited to finally follow you on Instagram!!! I've loved your blog for ages and now look forward to getting to know more about the YOU behind the blog too!

Keep up the amazing work, doll! :)

Rachel Cooks

Friday 7th of February 2014

Such a fun post! Can't wait for the rest of the series :)