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Sweet Chili Chicken Nachos

These sweet chili chicken nachos are the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Grilled chicken tossed in sweet chili sauce and thrown on top of tortilla chips with onions, peppers, cilantro, guacamole, and lots of cheese! They are a perfect appetizer or a quick and easy dinner! I’m calling this dish an appetizer but let’s …

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Shrimp Couscous Packets with Avocado Mango Salsa

These shrimp couscous packets with avocado mango salsa are the perfect throw it together dinner. All you need to do is wrap it all up in foil, bake or grill and top with salsa. So easy and totally delicious! Ready in under 30 minutes!  Foil packet meals are my JAM! I seriously love how easy they …

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Chicken Avocado Cilantro Lime Soup

This chicken avocado cilantro lime soup is the perfect cold weather fix. It’s packed full of vegetables, spices, rotisserie chicken and topped with creamy Hass avocado. It’s ready in just 35 minutes so it’s the perfect weeknight comfort meal.   This recipe has been sponsored by Hass Avocado Board for the American Heart Association through …

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Chorizo Cotija Guacamole Toast

This chorizo cotija guacamole toast is a great way to start the day OR a delicious mid-day treat. Savory guacamole mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with spicy chorizo, salty cotija and a sprinkling of cilantro. You’re going to go crazy over this delicious toast! This post is sponsored by Sabra. As always all opinions …

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Baked Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls

These baked Southwestern chicken egg rolls taste just like the ones you get at Chili’s but without all the deep fried calories because they’re baked! Ready in just 45 minutes and packed full of flavor. Perfect when served with guacamole ranch Greek yogurt dip.  This post is sponsored by my awesome friends at Sabra! Lately …

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