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  • Buttermilk Cornbread Topped Chili

    This buttermilk cornbread topped chili is the perfect combination of thick hearty chili and lightly sweetened cornbread. It’s similar to a casserole and works perfectly when made in a giant cast iron skillet. You’ll love this dish!  Hi, I’m Brandy and I’m a chili fanatic. Seriously. Freaking. Love. Chili. I usually think of chili as …

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    Instant Pot Red Wine Rosemary Short Ribs

    These Instant Pot red wine rosemary short ribs are the perfect use of your electric pressure cooker. They turn out perfectly tender and are packed full of red wine and rosemary flavor. They are even better when served with ancient grains and drizzled with red wine gravy.  Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Healthy Aperture Blogger …

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    Chipotle Ground Beef Enchiladas

    These chipotle ground beef enchiladas are made with homemade chipotle beef chili and rolled up in corn tortillas and covered with cheddar cheese. The best part is you can make the chili days before making to help cut down on prep time. If you have never made enchiladas before now is the time! YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSS! These …

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    Southwest Taco Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

    This Southwest taco stuffed spaghetti squash is packed full of ground beef, vegetables, delicious spices, and herbs and topped with spicy pepper jack cheese. Super simple to make and a total crowd-pleaser. This dish is 100% comfort food! Spaghetti squash is a great way to bulk up meals or a perfect option if you’re looking …

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    Grilled London Broil with Corn Salsa

    This grilled London broil with corn salsa captures the flavor of summer. Simply grilled London broil topped with a citrusy cilantro, corn and tomato salsa. Super easy and ready in just 20 minutes! Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Perfectly Free™. As always all opinions are my own. Summmmmmeeeeerrrrrrr is here! I’m actually sitting outside …

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