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  • Chocolate Strawberry Funfetti Hot Chocolate Bombs

    These sweet chocolate strawberry funfetti hot chocolate bombs might be a mouthful to say but they are super fun to drink and even easier to make! You’ll love these festive hot cocoa treats! It’s almost my birthday! So, I’m going to take a minute to post a few fun and colorful birthday inspired treats! First …

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    Peanut Butter Buckeyes

    Peanut butter buckeyes are a family favorite Christmas treat. Sweet peanut butter balls dipped in rich chocolate – what’s not to love? Growing up my favorite Christmas sweet treat was always my mom’s peanut butter buckeyes.  They are a staple for ANYONE celebrating Christmas in Ohio.  How could someone from the Buckeye state not indulge …

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    Homemade Maple Peanut Brittle

    This homemade maple peanut brittle gives you all the flavor of traditional peanut brittle with a hint of maple flavor. It’s the perfect holiday candy and a great addition to your holiday cookie tray.  I grew up in Ohio and no holiday cookie tray was complete without peanut brittle. Well, peanut brittle and peanut butter buckeyes. …

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    Peppermint Bark Popcorn

    This peppermint bark popcorn is the EASIEST Christmas candy snack ever! Lightly buttered popcorn topped with white chocolate, dark chocolate, crushed candy canes, and sprinkles. You’ll love this flavor packed snack! There is 100%nothing better than a snack that is equal parts sweet and salty. This peppermint bark popcorn is the holiday snack of your …

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    Nutella Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Fudge

    This Nutella peanut butter cookie dough fudge combines the best of the dessert world – Nutella, peanut butter AND cookie dough! This is not your average sweet treat fudge.  I have been seeing cookie dough fudge floating around on Pinterest ever since Lindsay released her first book The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook. I’m a huge …

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