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11 Delicious Ways to Use Apple Butter Roundup

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This roundup gives you 11 delicious ways to use apple butter roundup! Apple butter is not just for slathering on toast. You can use it for both savory and sweet recipes. 

11 Delicious Ways to Use Apple Butter Roundup photo

I think it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of apple butter.

Throughout the years I have made a lot of different recipes that showcase and incorporate apple butter in the best sweet and savory ways.

Having a party? I have the appetizers covered!

Looking for a weeknight meal? Yeah, I have those recipes too!

Need a good dessert? OF COURSE I HAVE THOSE!

Apple butter doesn’t just have to be simply spread on toast, or only used in desserts.

It’s the perfect addition to bbq sauce, flavoring chicken burgers, made into carnitas, and mixed with pumpkin pie.

It’s the perfect sweet and savory addition!

You’ll love all these delicious ways to up apple butter in this apple butter roundup!

What is apple butter?

If your first question is “what is apple butter?” Let me introduce you to your new favorite condiment!

In the simplest of definitions it’s basically just cooked down applesauce.

It cooks down to a thick spreadable consistency that is brown in color and super concentrated in apple and cinnamon in flavor.

The reason it’s called “butter” is because the thick sauce is spreadable like, you guessed it, butter.

It does not contain any actual butter.

11 Delicious Ways to Use Apple Butter Roundup

If you're looking for some delicious sweet and savory ways to use up apple butter I have you covered! I have everything from appetizers, main courses, and of course - dessert!

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Rebeccah @ Of Hops and Honey

Sunday 29th of April 2018

Yum! I made apple butter for the first time last fall and was looking for other ways to use it. These are fantastic ideas - can't wait to try!

Sabrina B

Thursday 12th of April 2018

what a mouthwatering set of inspirational things to do with apple butter, the wings look amazing and I have to put blinders on for the beautiful pumpkin pie photograph, I'm now very hungry, thank you!


Thursday 12th of April 2018

These look so tasty and I love quick and delicious dishes like these!


Thursday 12th of April 2018

I had no idea apple butter could be used for so many things. I love it so I am going to have to pin this for later.