Dark Chocolate Blueberry Olive Oil Cookies

These super fudgy salted dark chocolate blueberry olive oil cookies are packed full of sea salt, dark chocolate and dried blueberries.

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Olive Oil Cookies by Nutmeg Nanny

When I was writing out my editorial calendar I debated on when to post these cookies. Because they contained blueberries were they too summery and therefor should not be shared until next year? Could I get away with blueberries in September? I feel like everything is pumpkin all up in my face right now.

Listen, I’m not trying to sound bratty or anything but can we chill with the pumpkin? I plan on posting plenty of the stuff but not until October. At this rate by the time October roles around people will be sick of pumpkin and everyone will be pushing Christmas cookies.

I swear if I see Christmas cookies in October I’m going to lose it. Continue Reading…

Vegan Soy Chai Tea Latte

Vegan Soy Chai Latte by Nutmeg Nanny

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Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia


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Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Brownies

Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Brownies by Nutmeg Nanny

These healthy raspberry chipotle black bean brownies are packed full of fresh raspberries, black beans and smoky chipotle powder. Hello healthy brownies! Ok, so I know these brownies might sound a little odd but...

Ginger Beer Pulled Pork Tacos

Ginger Beer Pulled Pork Tacos by Nutmeg Nanny

These slow cooker ginger beer pulled pork tacos are topped with a spicy chipotle cole slaw and served on toasted corn tortillas. I have always had a deep down love for tacos. They can...

Slow Cooker Cookbook + {Slow Cooker Giveaway}

Slow Cooker Cookbook

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Graze Box Review

Graze Box Review by Nutmeg Nanny

This post brought to you by Graze.com. All opinions are 100% mine. This Graze box review gives you all the snacking information you want to know. Is it right for you? Are the snacks...

Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers by Nutmeg Nanny

These chorizo stuffed poblano peppers are packed full of spicy chorizo, black beans, sweet corn, oaxaca cheese and baked in a flavorful tomato sauce. If you’re looking for a new version of stuffed peppers...

Linguine alle Vongole

Linguine alle Vongole by Nutmeg Nanny

This linguine alle vongole combines fresh cockles, pasta, white wine and garlic. It’s a simple pasta dish that will please the clam lovers in your life. You know what I learned this weekend? Apparently...